A Disciplined Thinker

How do you think? It’s a real question and one that very few people ever really consider. Why? Because very few people actually do any real thinking!

But you might say, “Sure everybody thinks,” and to most people, what is going on inside their heads is “thinking” of some sort. But it’s not true, original thought. Let me elaborate as I welcome you to my latest blog on the subject of true thinking!

True Thinking

Most of us tend to be influenced by whatever is going on around us at any time of the day. We are stimulated by what our five senses take in and register on our brains.

When we watch a news story on the TV for example, we find ourselves not just following the story but also thinking about the story and often adding our own inner conversation to it. If its a bad new story (and let’s face it most of the stories we watch on the TV news are bad) we might find ourselves getting angry with the situation and giving someone or other a piece of our mind (inside our heads, of course). Some people even say it out loud.

But shouting at the TV, whether verbally or mentally inside our heads is not true thinking. It’s just a reaction to what we’re taking in through our sense.

True thinking is done in quiet moments when nothing externally is coming in. It happens when the only thoughts that come into our minds are those that we’ve created ourselves from the depths of wherever thoughts originate from.

How to Think for Real

Externally stimulated thought is not true thought. It’s just whatever is going on out there keeping our minds busy. When you think about it in those terms, you’ll realize that most of what is going on inside your head is not real thinking but just “busy.”

If you want to start thinking for real (and you need to do this in order to use your most powerful mental faculty for your benefit), you need to shut out all the external noise that’s going on and go to a quiet, still place.

When you can get quiet, still and uninterrupted for a while, you can start the real thought process going by simply relaxing your body and mind and just letting your mind go blank.

When you stop trying to think of things, real, creative and original thoughts will start to come to you!

It won’t happen right away. You’ll have to learn to be very patient and wait for things to happen. Putting any pressure on yourself to start those thoughts coming will have the opposite effect and block the flow.

You need the flow to be wide open by having your mind fully receptive to new ideas. You do that by relaxing and literally letting yourself go.

To many, that process is known as meditation, self-hypnosis or simply learning deep relaxation techniques. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the only way to do this and have it work for you.

That’s pretty much what I’ll be talking about here in this blog as it unfolds into a series of useful ideas and techniques I can share with you to help you start really thinking the kind of things that can change your life for the better in every way imaginable. I also cover this extensively at my website, disciplinedthinking.com which I thoroughly recommend you visit via that link.

There is a lot to learn, but it is very well worth learning it!

Whether you believe it or not, the process is working in everyone’s lives and everyone shapes and molds their lives by the things they think about the most. I’ll leave you with that snippet of wisdom until the nest post…

How to Attract a Specific Person

If you are wondering how to attract a specific person into your life, this post may be of some use to you in figuring out the solution to this age-old problem!

I’m going to give you some of my best tips and techniques and hopefully I’ll help you out in your quest for that certain person to come into your life!

The first thing you need to do is to cultivate a strong feeling of self-love. That’s because you reflect what you are and that’s what you attract. If you have love of yourself you’re going to get that love back!

The second thing is be quite clear with your intentions. If you want to attract that specific person you know it can be difficult, but it is doable and you just have to be really clear on why you want this person.

What’s the relationship? Could it be you like them? Well you’ve got to be very specific and have those feelings of what if you like to be in a relationship with them.

It’s kind of funny just sometimes you know we have fantasies of people but in the long run we find out that they’re actually not what we’re looking for. But if you do want to attract this specific person

just make sure your intentions are very clear.


Because meditating is going to help clear your mind, you don’t want to be constantly thinking about this person. Or use a technique like ho’oponopono. I know it is hard you know if you’ve got the hots for someone or something.

If it is hard not to think about them but you just have to like meditate and beliefs let your muscles go and just focus on one thing you know. Keep yourself busy if you have a job or if you have friends, get out of the house.

Go for a walk, do anything that you’re just not going to be constantly thinking about this person because that’s actually creating resistance. If you never interact the person when you’re attracting a specific person when you start to you know build up your medication skills and stuff, a bit like attracting money.

You may actually be in public ,you may see them or someone might say their name just randomly and that and to me before it’s romantic, but friends and stuff for people and you may find that such a happening and that’s how you kind of know that they’re coming towards you.

So if you get those little signs and signals like someone randomly says their name or you just see

them in public that is a great friend and just keep doing what you’re doing have trust and faith in the universe and that is my next tip.

Have Faith

You’ve got to have trust and faith in the universe because sometimes you just got to say, ″OK I’ve done all the work,″ and you know they’re going to come into my life and that’s great. Except that you don’t know when!

A lot of people are like ″no it’s going to happen within this time″ or ″it’s going to happen this way.″ We’re going to be at this place at this time know you just couldn’t let it happen, because if you’re too picky and you are only focused on that one outcome it’s not going to happen.

You just have to let the universe take care of it and I’ve learned that through the hard way. I used to be like that but not any more. It has to happen my way but your way is always the best way and you just have to realize that and be patient.

Patience is so key. Can I just say is that person you do see in public like literally is so close to you and it’s in terms of too mentally close and talk to them because you’re literally going to regret it like you will regret not going up and talking or didn’t make yourself bump into them.

I know just like walk backwards not oh hey fantasies new here or I don’t know like just do whatever you can make the unit Potter person ever reason and you know you have as I said in this parallel universes and that outcomes does happen but in your main reality if you don’t you know go and take that path obviously you just don’t talk to them and you just spend the rest of the day wishing you had and that’s that.

Make Your Choice

But make that choice. We all have choices and you may think it’s scary and they’re just going to be like I’m out of it. They’re not going to like still be here you don’t talk to me like who does that?

You’re just going to end up talking and if you do get on really well through now something great may happen. So don’t!

I know it is scary to talk to your crush on your or someone that you admire but you just have to do it. You have to be confident and confidence is key. It is so attractive you know if a guy’s or just any person comes up to you with confidence obviously you don’t want to talk to them and be friendly and why wouldn’t they want to talk to you?


I mean if someone comes to me and they’re friendly, confident I love that and that’s another thing. Fear is like one of the biggest things that we struggle with. When attractive person could with we’re afraid of rejection and we’re afraid they’re not going to reciprocate feelings back or whatever but you just have to believe that they let you back.

Please tell yourself that or in your mind they’ll ask you back they go to find attractive. Just if you’re really in confidence and you know being happy and stuff people will instantly be attracted to you.

So that is a big one to try and block the fear up. Keep yourself busy let the sort go and attachment. Obviously we get attached to things and sometimes that can build resistance and it just never works out so they are all my tips today. I hope that did help you.

How Can I Attract Money?

A commonly heard expression these days is, ″how can I attract money?″ which is usually asked by someone who doesn’t have enough of it.

That’s not an uncommon state for most people to be in.

Since we live in physical bodies and therefore correspond to a material world, it’s perfectly natural to want material things in our lives. In order to get those things, we need money to buy them!

Most of humanity gets their allotted share of the money pot by going to work for it, or literally trading their time (and skills, whatever they may have) for money. While this may be the norm, it is certainly the worst way to go about it!

Time is Money

Our time is more precious than many of us realize, since we only have a finite amount of it during our lives. Using approximately a third of it in pursuit of enough cash to pay the bills, keep the roof over our heads and put food on the table is not really a good or sensible strategy.

There has to be a better way. And there is.

Unfortunately, it appears to most of us that only the elite few get the chance to accumulate sufficient wealth to not have to trade that priceless commodity (time) for enough dollars to not only pay for the essentials, but also to afford the nice things that this world can provide.

So how does that elite few manage to get all their money without, in many cases seeming to ever go to work for it?

Using Your Noggin!

Well, the truth is that the majority of the richest people on this planet are not necessarily the smartest. In fact, I’ve heard it said that:

″The ‘A’ students all go to work for the ‘C’ students!″

That’s not far from the truth, either. Most ″A″ students got to be that way because they studied long and hard, spending most, if not all of their spare time cramming the information from textbooks so they could pass their exams with top marks.

Meanwhile, the ″C″ students were busy getting streetwise, learning skills on how to make money without working (at least not very much) for it and generally getting the kind of real world education that the school system tries its best to prevent us from getting.

Fast forward to graduation time. The time when those ″A″ students are picking up their degrees and academic qualification that are supposed to open the doors to the best, most highly paid jobs.

They go in search of those coveted jobs only to discover the company that wants to employ them is owned by one of the ″C″ students that built it from the ground up using the real life skills they picked up from people they talked to that were already doing it. The so-called lucky breaks received by those guys, for example being low-paid golf caddies to rich businessmen who talked openly on the golf course with their business colleagues and were overheard by the caddies.

I think you get the picture of how that can happen. Not smart enough to study and get top marks at school but smart enough to put into practise what they overheard the already successful businessmen talking about and becoming successful in their own businesses as a result.

Did They Attract Money?

It appears that I’ve managed to write all the way down to this point of the page about making money without ever once mentioning how to ″attract″ it. Or have I?

I think I did, all the way. It’s your job now to figure out how what I’ve written corresponds to attracting money. Or I can spell it out for you in terms of how to mentally attract money (see: www.axcp.org/prosperity/how-to-mentally-attract-money.php).

To make more money than the average person in a job, no matter how well paid that job may be and without working anything like as many hours as they do, you need to work smart. That usually means figuring out how to set up a stream of income that doesn’t need you to be working on it all the time.

It also means you need to be in the kind of mindset that is attractive to not only money itself, but to the formulation of the ideas that will bring you money without you appearing to work for it.

Aha, he finally mentioned the mind!

The point to all this is that you cannot simply sit down in a chair and dream about having all the money you could ever need and hope it appears as if by magic. It won’t.

You need to spend time in that chair and you need to be using that time to focus your thoughts to create ideas. You do that through quieting your mind and allowing the ideas to come to you, as they certainly will with practice.

You need to be in a positive state of course and also you need to feel prosperous and successful while you’re in the process of generating ideas on how to generate that passive income. Ideas will come and when they do, you must be ready and willing to put them into action to turn the non-physical (ideas) into the physical (money).

What Do You Really Want?

Whatever your ideas about the why’s and wherefore’s of the Law of Attraction may be, the bottom line you should ask yourself is what do you really want out of life.

And then fix that definite desire in your mind, because that’s what you’re going to go after and get.

So many people hear about this amazing law and try to learn how it works so they can apply it to their own lives. Yet many fail to make any headway because they simply don’t have a definite aim in mind.

A Definite Desire

In Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich,” he stressed most forcibly the importance of having a “definite desire” to shoot for if you want to achieve success in your life. Your own interpretation of success will be particular to you and may be different from somebody else’s idea of what success is, but it is yours that is the important thing for you.

When you really get into this concept, you’ll realize that your personal success is entirely your own and has little or even nothing whatsoever to do with anybody else’s success.

The way to get what you want out of life is to first have a certain thing that you want to get!

A Starting Point

Once you can fix a definite goal or aim in your mind as the thing you most desire, you can work from there. The way forward is then to formulate a plan of action that you will take to push you in the direction of your goal and ultimately to its achievement inside a certain time frame.

The trick is to know where you are right now and use that as a starting block for the race you are about to run. That race will take you through many obstacles and highs and lows.

You may and probably will have many failures along the way but as long as you keep your goal firmly in sight, you will overcome every obstacle and reach your final destination. As long as you maintain disciplined thought and action, you can be unstoppable.

An End Point

The goal is of course the thing you earnestly desire the most. It is a desire that is so strong and so deeply embedded in your thoughts that you are able to fix your sights on it and nothing can get in your way.

Your journey from start to end will take the form of an obsession. Don’t be put off by this description, as many are afraid of becoming detached from normal life by such narrow focus.

The way to win is not easy, nor will it be lined with well-wishers and motivational friends and acquaintances.

Most likely you will find many people that will oppose you or doubt you. Life is teeming with naysayers and doubters and you have to learn to identify them and avoid them whenever possible!

Your aim is to attract to yourself only people that are in harmony with your journey and that will help you any way they can without judging you or finding fault with what you’re doing.

When you really want a thing to the exclusion of all else and have acquired the mindset that has you mentally focused obsessively on getting it and the determination and persistence to continue unfalteringly until it is in your possession, you will get it!