Focus Your Thoughts

If you know anything about working with the mind worth knowing, you’ll already be acutely aware that by focusing your thoughts onto the specific circumstance that you want to manifest in your life, you’ll have the strongest probability of achieving your aims.

That’s all well and good to say it like that, as if everyone automatically knows how to laser-focus their though processes. Unfortunately, while we all have the capability, few of us know how to actuate it. So how can you learn to bring your thoughts into focus to make the things happen that you want to happen?

Remove Distractions

The first step to a focused and targeted thought process is to eliminate all external distractions that have a tendency to make you more acutely aware of their presence the second you try to shut them out. You’re not alone in this – it happens to most everyone!

You should start by working with the obvious ones, such as turning off the TV (or going to a room or quiet place where there is no TV (much better). Same goes for a radio or other electronic music player, computer, laptop, tablet etc. Oh and remember to ditch the phone(s) too.

Nothing ever invented by human ingenuity is as intrusive or frustratingly irritating as the telephone in all its guises (from traditional land-line to mobile monster in a small, touch-screen package). If you ever want to spend 10 minutes in peaceful silence, you can almost put money on the phone ringing during that time!

Mobile or smart phones are even worse, because not only have they the capability to allow someone else to speak to you whenever they want to whether you want to or not, they can interrupt your silence with an incredibly vast array of annoying sounds and electronic pulses to signal the arrival of a text message, email or other form of media. Or to tell you one of your virtual “friends” has just posted an irreverent message or image on a popular social media platform. There is no escape!

Right then. No electronic devices of any kind anywhere within earshot or sight line and no possibility of a doorbell being heard, a vehicle or building alarm going off or the sky falling in to interrupt your sojourn into absolute peace, you may happily begin your incursion inside your mind in search of the thought focus controls.


It is at this point you are in the perfect place to experience the next barrage of interruptions. The come not from without, but from within. These are the junk thoughts that crowd your mind for most of the time and prevent you from making the best use of your mental power.

There are several techniques that you can make use of to quieten those unwanted interruptive thoughts, from sheer power of will in forcing your mind to “go blank” (a common self-hypnotic strategy), or a learned method such as Ho’oponopono. Whatever works for you!

Once your mind is quietened and your thoughts are at rest (no self-conversation being conducted), you can introduce a single, simple thought, mantra or affirmation and allow this to be repeated over and over until it takes root in your unconscious where it can be transmitted through the unknown ether and communicate with “infinite intelligence” to be returned with your answer or a method you should undertake to bring your desire into your reality. It often comes in the form of a “hunch” or vague idea that you will need to work on.

What Does it All Mean?

OK, that was a bit wacky (can’t help talking the strange talk) but in layman’s terms, it means using your chosen technique to allow only a single thought into your mind and repeat it until it’s remembered. The next part is not fully understood (yet) but it is believed that in a very deep state of meditation, we can transmit a thought or an idea to whatever unseen power there is that we believe exists and receive a kind of response that will lay out a kind of plan we can follow to get what we want.

Infinite Intelligence is just a name this unknown existence has been given and seems to fit pretty well with what we think it is. It is what it is to each person as some will view it as their divine being (depending on what flavour of religion they adhere to), or more simply an energy centre in the universe. Whatever works for you.

But that’s how to focus and discipline your thoughts and use them to get what you want (or manifest your desires). The rest is up to you in taking what you’re given and working with it until your labours result in the achievement that you want to enjoy in the way you want to enjoy it.


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