What Do You Really Want?

Whatever your ideas about the why’s and wherefore’s of the Law of Attraction may be, the bottom line you should ask yourself is what do you really want out of life.

And then fix that definite desire in your mind, because that’s what you’re going to go after and get.

So many people hear about this amazing law and try to learn how it works so they can apply it to their own lives. Yet many fail to make any headway because they simply don’t have a definite aim in mind.

A Definite Desire

In Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich,” he stressed most forcibly the importance of having a “definite desire” to shoot for if you want to achieve success in your life. Your own interpretation of success will be particular to you and may be different from somebody else’s idea of what success is, but it is yours that is the important thing for you.

When you really get into this concept, you’ll realize that your personal success is entirely your own and has little or even nothing whatsoever to do with anybody else’s success.

The way to get what you want out of life is to first have a certain thing that you want to get!

A Starting Point

Once you can fix a definite goal or aim in your mind as the thing you most desire, you can work from there. The way forward is then to formulate a plan of action that you will take to push you in the direction of your goal and ultimately to its achievement inside a certain time frame.

The trick is to know where you are right now and use that as a starting block for the race you are about to run. That race will take you through many obstacles and highs and lows.

You may and probably will have many failures along the way but as long as you keep your goal firmly in sight, you will overcome every obstacle and reach your final destination. As long as you maintain disciplined thought and action, you can be unstoppable.

An End Point

The goal is of course the thing you earnestly desire the most. It is a desire that is so strong and so deeply embedded in your thoughts that you are able to fix your sights on it and nothing can get in your way.

Your journey from start to end will take the form of an obsession. Don’t be put off by this description, as many are afraid of becoming detached from normal life by such narrow focus.

The way to win is not easy, nor will it be lined with well-wishers and motivational friends and acquaintances.

Most likely you will find many people that will oppose you or doubt you. Life is teeming with naysayers and doubters and you have to learn to identify them and avoid them whenever possible!

Your aim is to attract to yourself only people that are in harmony with your journey and that will help you any way they can without judging you or finding fault with what you’re doing.

When you really want a thing to the exclusion of all else and have acquired the mindset that has you mentally focused obsessively on getting it and the determination and persistence to continue unfalteringly until it is in your possession, you will get it!


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