How Can I Attract Money?

A commonly heard expression these days is, ″how can I attract money?″ which is usually asked by someone who doesn’t have enough of it.

That’s not an uncommon state for most people to be in.

Since we live in physical bodies and therefore correspond to a material world, it’s perfectly natural to want material things in our lives. In order to get those things, we need money to buy them!

Most of humanity gets their allotted share of the money pot by going to work for it, or literally trading their time (and skills, whatever they may have) for money. While this may be the norm, it is certainly the worst way to go about it!

Time is Money

Our time is more precious than many of us realize, since we only have a finite amount of it during our lives. Using approximately a third of it in pursuit of enough cash to pay the bills, keep the roof over our heads and put food on the table is not really a good or sensible strategy.

There has to be a better way. And there is.

Unfortunately, it appears to most of us that only the elite few get the chance to accumulate sufficient wealth to not have to trade that priceless commodity (time) for enough dollars to not only pay for the essentials, but also to afford the nice things that this world can provide.

So how does that elite few manage to get all their money without, in many cases seeming to ever go to work for it?

Using Your Noggin!

Well, the truth is that the majority of the richest people on this planet are not necessarily the smartest. In fact, I’ve heard it said that:

″The ‘A’ students all go to work for the ‘C’ students!″

That’s not far from the truth, either. Most ″A″ students got to be that way because they studied long and hard, spending most, if not all of their spare time cramming the information from textbooks so they could pass their exams with top marks.

Meanwhile, the ″C″ students were busy getting streetwise, learning skills on how to make money without working (at least not very much) for it and generally getting the kind of real world education that the school system tries its best to prevent us from getting.

Fast forward to graduation time. The time when those ″A″ students are picking up their degrees and academic qualification that are supposed to open the doors to the best, most highly paid jobs.

They go in search of those coveted jobs only to discover the company that wants to employ them is owned by one of the ″C″ students that built it from the ground up using the real life skills they picked up from people they talked to that were already doing it. The so-called lucky breaks received by those guys, for example being low-paid golf caddies to rich businessmen who talked openly on the golf course with their business colleagues and were overheard by the caddies.

I think you get the picture of how that can happen. Not smart enough to study and get top marks at school but smart enough to put into practise what they overheard the already successful businessmen talking about and becoming successful in their own businesses as a result.

Did They Attract Money?

It appears that I’ve managed to write all the way down to this point of the page about making money without ever once mentioning how to ″attract″ it. Or have I?

I think I did, all the way. It’s your job now to figure out how what I’ve written corresponds to attracting money. Or I can spell it out for you in terms of how to mentally attract money (see:

To make more money than the average person in a job, no matter how well paid that job may be and without working anything like as many hours as they do, you need to work smart. That usually means figuring out how to set up a stream of income that doesn’t need you to be working on it all the time.

It also means you need to be in the kind of mindset that is attractive to not only money itself, but to the formulation of the ideas that will bring you money without you appearing to work for it.

Aha, he finally mentioned the mind!

The point to all this is that you cannot simply sit down in a chair and dream about having all the money you could ever need and hope it appears as if by magic. It won’t.

You need to spend time in that chair and you need to be using that time to focus your thoughts to create ideas. You do that through quieting your mind and allowing the ideas to come to you, as they certainly will with practice.

You need to be in a positive state of course and also you need to feel prosperous and successful while you’re in the process of generating ideas on how to generate that passive income. Ideas will come and when they do, you must be ready and willing to put them into action to turn the non-physical (ideas) into the physical (money).

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