Learn Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Prayer

There is an amazing way of making things right in your life and that’s through traditional Hawaiian prayer, known as Ho’oponopono. This is a technique you can learn that can help you to improve the way you live your life on many levels. Would you like to know more about it?

Great, then I’ll tell you some things about it that will be sure to interest you if improving your life is high on your agenda of things that you really want to do. First of all, just exactly what is it?

What is Ho’oponopono?

I already said it is a traditional form of Hawaiian prayer, but that doesn’t really describe it very well or in very much depth. The practice is about quieting the mind and asking forgiveness of yourself to yourself for past transgressions that you may be feeling guilty or upset about.

Why would you do that?

Well, often as we go through life, there are almost inevitably instances or situations that crop up that have caused you to be upset or angry, even harbouring feelings of hatred and revenge. These negative emotions are very powerful and if not righted, will have a progressive detrimental effect on the body, manifesting in physical ailments that are often referred to as psychosomatic.

It has been long known that self-forgiveness is a powerful healing agent that can dispel the negative, often debilitating effects of these dangerous emotional states and allow the physical body to regain its natural balance and health. Ho’oponopono is a technique that can do that as you do it for yourself.

Where Can I Learn Ho’oponopono?

There are several online course that teach the basics of this technique, with some being better than others depending on who creates the course and how well it is presented. I will go out on a limb here and say that if you want to learn how to do something, go to a well known expert.

I know of a highly regarded expert in exactly this field in the person of Dr Joe Vitale, who gained a lot of media exposure thanks to appearing in the popular Law of Attraction movie, “The Secret.” He has also authored several very good self help books, one of which is entitled Zero to Infinitude that takes the reader on a journey to self enlightenment through the guided use of Ho’oponopono.

What’s more, he has also teamed up with long time practitioner Mathew Dixon, a musician who has provided some amazing audio to go with Dr Vitale’s narrative in a certification course they have created. More about that can be found in a highly detailed and thoroughly well presented explanation article on how to become a certified Ho’oponopono practitioner. This is useful if you wish to not only learn the practice but also become certified to teach it yourself to others who are willing to learn.

To be successful in this or any other aspect of improving your life takes being a disciplined thinker and a determined character who will stop at nothing to achieve whatever you set out to achieve in life. Sound familiar? It should do, since that’s the way to succeed and to win!