A Disciplined Thinker

How do you think? It’s a real question and one that very few people ever really consider. Why? Because very few people actually do any real thinking!

But you might say, “Sure everybody thinks,” and to most people, what is going on inside their heads is “thinking” of some sort. But it’s not true, original thought. Let me elaborate as I welcome you to my latest blog on the subject of true thinking!

True Thinking

Most of us tend to be influenced by whatever is going on around us at any time of the day. We are stimulated by what our five senses take in and register on our brains.

When we watch a news story on the TV for example, we find ourselves not just following the story but also thinking about the story and often adding our own inner conversation to it. If its a bad new story (and let’s face it most of the stories we watch on the TV news are bad) we might find ourselves getting angry with the situation and giving someone or other a piece of our mind (inside our heads, of course). Some people even say it out loud.

But shouting at the TV, whether verbally or mentally inside our heads is not true thinking. It’s just a reaction to what we’re taking in through our sense.

True thinking is done in quiet moments when nothing externally is coming in. It happens when the only thoughts that come into our minds are those that we’ve created ourselves from the depths of wherever thoughts originate from.

How to Think for Real

Externally stimulated thought is not true thought. It’s just whatever is going on out there keeping our minds busy. When you think about it in those terms, you’ll realize that most of what is going on inside your head is not real thinking but just “busy.”

If you want to start thinking for real (and you need to do this in order to use your most powerful mental faculty for your benefit), you need to shut out all the external noise that’s going on and go to a quiet, still place.

When you can get quiet, still and uninterrupted for a while, you can start the real thought process going by simply relaxing your body and mind and just letting your mind go blank.

When you stop trying to think of things, real, creative and original thoughts will start to come to you!

It won’t happen right away. You’ll have to learn to be very patient and wait for things to happen. Putting any pressure on yourself to start those thoughts coming will have the opposite effect and block the flow.

You need the flow to be wide open by having your mind fully receptive to new ideas. You do that by relaxing and literally letting yourself go.

To many, that process is known as meditation, self-hypnosis or simply learning deep relaxation techniques. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the only way to do this and have it work for you.

That’s pretty much what I’ll be talking about here in this blog as it unfolds into a series of useful ideas and techniques I can share with you to help you start really thinking the kind of things that can change your life for the better in every way imaginable. I also cover this extensively at my website, disciplinedthinking.com which I thoroughly recommend you visit via that link.

There is a lot to learn, but it is very well worth learning it!

Whether you believe it or not, the process is working in everyone’s lives and everyone shapes and molds their lives by the things they think about the most. I’ll leave you with that snippet of wisdom until the nest post…